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The Adventure of a gurl name Leanna :D

my adventure of everyday .. the place i went .. the things i seen. and do .. just something that i want to share with everyone :)

Tagged *_*

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rules: The tag victim has to come up with 8 different points about his/her perfect lover. Have to mention the gender of his/her perfect lover. Tag eight other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog. If you are tagged the second time, there is NO need to do this again. Lastly, and most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT.

It's a HE . definitely.

1)he has to have his on vision

2) Adventures, curious, funny and smart

3) : ) i like him becoz of hm .. just be himself thats y i like him so much

4) can communicate with me

5) Loves traveling!and beach !

6)willing to accompany me go window shopping , makan makan jalan-jalan

7) Can sit down, relax and do nothing. and have some quality time togeather.

8) A person who is just himself and loves me for who I am and not my money, experience, job, fame or anything.

Well, this is the outline of the person. But then again, I may get someone the total opposite! :S. I'll deal with that later :P I'm thinking lots of sacrificing, and lots of dreams broken, but then again, I lsayang him, and I would do that for him =)

My Adventure 2

on of my fav drinks Grasshopper( Geographic In Jonker Street)
an indian temple in JB
welcome to JB
er i forgot this place liaw,, its somewhere inside JB also
chilling out in the CUBE in melaka ...
me oni lo
one of melaka historical site
foodie time
one of the best spot to chill out in jonker street

My Adventure

landed in JB airports coz just wanna c how is the airport look like haha
Syah Resort in klebang beach Melaka , inside view of the resort .
This is the place i stay a few days while im in melaka
inside the resort
the resort library my fave part ^_^
nite view

just wanna share some of the picture that i had taken along my j0urney :)

Im So tired

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

im so tired... everyday wake up early n go home late...sometime i dont feel like i have a home.. it seam like my home is a room that has a bed for me to lay my body n sleep......sometime im getting sick of working solate but i cant help it .. i need the OT...since my gaji pun.... but sometime i wish i had more time for my self.. like goin to swim ... so some activities,,,rather than just work work all day long.

haiz...... i need some rest ....

sleepping late is a luxury for me.... back here in sipitang i cannot do that.....

argh..... im tired

Whan Intresthing Sunday ......

Sunday, September 21, 2008

this is how the loji penapisan air in mesapol look like .. creepy
my bro bz isi air into the tong
my trip to the jettey after so long i haven't been there

note .. this is a real showel and the white color thinggy is salt .. so use ur imagination how deep is that thing and how many salt it is inside

Good Things Come in Diffrent Ways

Saturday, September 20, 2008

why some people dont belive good things come in diffrent way ?
angel comes in diffrent way in our dialy life.. but why these days its so hard for people to belives that this kinda things do exist .
its hard sometime when we wanted to be good and people just want to think bad things bout u .. its very very hurt.

Food Adventure

Friday, September 19, 2008

huhuh today went food hunting around kk :) bump into this lovely japanese restaurant. I been here once a long time ago n this time they renovate the whole place and look very classy.

i was having my meal .... er lupa suda wats nd menu name.. but not bad la
this is a lovely place in likas depan kian kok middle school.... they serve nice italian, german food :) and the place is so cozy

I feel XXXXX

Today i was driving in kk.. punya la i sakit jiwa,, haiz .. sudah la panas... my car aircon rosak .. then my boss anggap me as theirs Mat Dispatch ... WTF!!! Lea u g sana inanam hangon beli nut ,,,, then gi kastam sana tg aru ada kerja,,, the go damai jumpa si xXX ... in the end i had to cancle my Phisioteraphy session :( sad o ... huhuhu .. sudah la today i feel like taufu....
frankly speekig , i hate driving in k. i hate the jammed:( but i guess it happens in all city bah kan :0
the only time i like to drive is malam ,where all the road is emty and i can FLY ~ hahahha and yes t feel good i tell u .....

the another reason i feel XXX today its bcoz i cannot wear heels anymore :(
why ? coz im goin for a ACL operation next month .. and yes im kinda scared.. takut o ...and to think i cannot wear heels anymore sadden me coz im a sucker towards shoes :( and bags too... yes i love shoes...moms use to complain i got to many shoes.. but i love em .. expeacallly the heels they r ur instant boost of sexyness hahah ..so yeah no heels for couple of month ,,,, duh~


huh it had been quite sometime i havent written anytinhg hahah .. punya lama suda i have not blog adui... the last time i wrote a blog .. i was like still studying .. now plz dont ask me y suddenly mau blogging balik .... i buang tabiat ,,,, Nuff said hahaha

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