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The Adventure of a gurl name Leanna :D

my adventure of everyday .. the place i went .. the things i seen. and do .. just something that i want to share with everyone :)

I feel XXXXX

Today i was driving in kk.. punya la i sakit jiwa,, haiz .. sudah la panas... my car aircon rosak .. then my boss anggap me as theirs Mat Dispatch ... WTF!!! Lea u g sana inanam hangon beli nut ,,,, then gi kastam sana tg aru ada kerja,,, the go damai jumpa si xXX ... in the end i had to cancle my Phisioteraphy session :( sad o ... huhuhu .. sudah la today i feel like taufu....
frankly speekig , i hate driving in k. i hate the jammed:( but i guess it happens in all city bah kan :0
the only time i like to drive is malam ,where all the road is emty and i can FLY ~ hahahha and yes t feel good i tell u .....

the another reason i feel XXX today its bcoz i cannot wear heels anymore :(
why ? coz im goin for a ACL operation next month .. and yes im kinda scared.. takut o ...and to think i cannot wear heels anymore sadden me coz im a sucker towards shoes :( and bags too... yes i love shoes...moms use to complain i got to many shoes.. but i love em .. expeacallly the heels they r ur instant boost of sexyness hahah ..so yeah no heels for couple of month ,,,, duh~
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