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The Adventure of a gurl name Leanna :D

my adventure of everyday .. the place i went .. the things i seen. and do .. just something that i want to share with everyone :)

Happy Chinese New Year 2010

 yes its chinese new year again , and this  year   valentines day fall on the same day as the 1st day of lunar year :)

so how is everyone  chinese new year?   many angpow?

mine ? since i only have  1 day holiday ..  i manage to get   some rest , do  some photoshot  and at the same time  , gain weight  even more hahahaha .. yeap im a  food junkie :p

V-day?  )(*&^%$ please dont ask ..  :( dateless ..  same as last year ....very much dateless....  lol

well enough of me ..

 here is some of my collection for this year chinese new year :)  i hope  you will like it as much as i do :)



Greetings  for me and my lovely model Joyce
picture is taken in my house with available light :)

 sorry  about the bare feet hahahahah
light source is from my  window

i love this shot :D

im seriously addicted to high key shot these days :p hahahha
taken at a temple in my home town sipitang, in tanjung pagar

in this shot  i - 2 stop . i seriously love how the sunlight  landed on her  shoulder thats create a  slightly golden hue

joyce in  black and white ....


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At February 22, 2010 at 5:01 PM, Blogger Uncle Lee said...

Hello Leanna, I was at Angel Bear's place noticed your name and busybody over.
Holy Smoke! I thought I was looking at Vogue or Cosmopolitan mag....Outstanding shots Leanna.
You sure create fantastic images and the colours....
they stand out!
I love the orangy glow....brings out your model well too. Fantastico!

Not to mention your model....WOW! She sure one real traffic stopper young lady!
You have fun, Leanna....and keep a song in your heart...best regards.....oh ya, have a great Tiger year too, Lee.
ps, love your lovely name. L.    

At February 26, 2010 at 5:49 AM, Blogger bubbleberry said...

oh my thanx uncle lee :D thank you very much :) ur comment ad just made my day :) .. im still learning the curve of this photography thinggy ... still many yet to learn .. and thank you again ... ur comment had just made my day :)    

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