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The Adventure of a gurl name Leanna :D

my adventure of everyday .. the place i went .. the things i seen. and do .. just something that i want to share with everyone :)

a Fucked up Valentine

its v day ... and it sucks ... for it it should called single awareness day .. yeah im bloody much single .. no man , no chix no date .. and yeas im kinda depress in my own way .. who dosent when u live in the middle of no where .. surrounded my morrons,idiots,monkeys,baboon and worse MAN who most likely PMS more that u do .. 

i had my won share of V day long long time ago .. after that i never celebrated V day anymore .. i dont know why .. it aint my luck i guess,,,,in the end i had to buy myself my won rose and choco

this year i dint get anything .. nil.... only heart ace, heatred,sober,emo and the fucking  fucked list goes on and on ....

i know it havent way pass midnight any thing cold happen .. but seriously .. i wont even think about it .. the tought of a miricle is just plain craps and bullshit .. 

so yeah now im goin to call this crappy day as  Happy SIngleton Day .. and how am i goin to celebrate it ? 

a few pint of beers or cocktails, my lappy my bed .. 

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At February 14, 2009 at 9:51 AM, Anonymous hoohaa said...

^_^ haha..
me too feeling shitty...but..
u knw wat??
Luckily.. those guys in PhotoBorneo got some gathering which took up the entire day..

and the entire day... it make me feel good.

feeling sitty again, try go out play wif u Nikon baby    

At February 15, 2009 at 3:55 AM, Blogger bubbleberry said...

duh .. lol i dint realize u post comment here hahahahhahaah duh .. yup its V day o .. and imworking ... single and )(*&^%$#
my baby is owez with me got a new collection of cloud photo all fucked up piss off punya cloud hahaha    

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